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We had galaxies between us and you still needed space.

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I can barely handle talking to someone another state so why the fuck am i wasting my time with someone in another country . Ugh.

Today was pretty cool


My anaconda will take whatever it can get at this point

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I’m so completely exhausted with everyone and everything. I can’t do this anymore.



Police continue to make arrests at Ferguson protest.

Part 4.

Take note: The moment people stopped reblogging and tweeting and writing news articles and calling attention to Ferguson, they brought back the armored cars. It is not over. They were waiting for the world to lose interest and knew it would.

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You are the reason my heart beats.
And you are the reason that it breaks.

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Life of Agony - This Time

"You’ve got time, but you ain’t got time for me"

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Hi are you up?



i want to S a D

Never summon a demon unless you’re fully aware of its powers.

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one of my favorite ron swanson lines

Always reblog this.

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Luv ha

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